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Man Lifts Available to Rent on the Treasure Coast

Track Nifty Lift

The outstanding traction of the TN34TN track drive access platform delivers 60% gradability on steep terrain.

The TN34TN track drive access platform is also more efficient, allowing it to work for longer while using less fuel, saving you both time and money.

Driven on rubber-free urethane tracks, which make the TN34TN track drive access platform ideal for indoor use in many applications. These rubber-free tracks allow the TN34TN track drive access platform to work in many locations it would not otherwise be able to go, greatly improving its utilization

TD34TN Track Nifty Lift
man lift rentals

Bil-Jax T3632 Tow behind Manlift

man lift rentals
  • Hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling allow operation in under 30 seconds
  • Superior combination of industry leading capacity and outreach
  • Can be towed by a standard half-ton pickup truck - No commercial driver’s license needed
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Air / water lines and 110V GFI protected power to the platform
man lift rentals
Tow Behind
Operational Instruction Part 1
Bil Jax 3632T Boom Lift Towable Boom
* This lift features hydraulic outriggers which allow quick and easy setup.
Proportional controls on this lift allow for smooth operation.

* This lift is light weight, allowing it to be towed by a variety of vehicles and easily maneuvered at the jobsite.
* This lift will even fit through double doors for indoor applications.

Operational Instruction Part 2
The Bil-Jax 3632T boom lift is part of the range of electrical trailer boom lift for people and material lifting.

* Best-in-class 12½ degree leveling capability
* Simple telescopic boom design
* Zero tail swing
* Intuitive control system
* Multiple function speeds
* 12½ in (32 cm) diameter non-marking footpads
* Hydraulic surge and parking brakes
* Integrated forklift pockets


JLG 600s 60' Driveable Telescopic Boomlift

Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 59 ft 8 in. / 18.19 m
  • Platform Capacity - Restricted: 1000 lb / 453.59 kg
  • Platform Capacity - Unrestricted: 600 lb / 272.16 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 50 ft 2 in. / 15.29 m

Key Features

  • Greater Platform Capacity - Newly designed with 600 lb of platform capacity
  • Faster Ascent - Reaches full height quicker for higher productivity on the job site
  • Easy to Transport - Fit two on one truck with no overweight permit
JLG 600S Telescopic 60' Boom Lift, 4WD All Terrain

JLG 400s 40' Driveable Telescopic Boomlift

Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 40 ft / 12.19 m
  • Platform Capacity - Restricted: 1000 lb / 453.59 kg
  • Platform Capacity - Unrestricted: 600 lb / 272.16 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 33 ft 3 in. / 10.13 m

Key Features

  • Improved multifunction capability increases productivity
  • More durability and serviceability thanks to the new DuraTough hood design
JLG 400s Boomlift
How To Operate JLG Boomlift

8042 SkyTrak Telehandler

Key Specs

  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 8000 lb / 3628.74 kg
  • Maximum Lift Height: 41 ft 11 in. / 12.78 m
  • Maximum Reach: 26 ft 7 in. / 8.1 m

Key Features

  • New, intuitive single joystick controls all boom functions
  • Maximize productivity with improved boom speeds
  • Redesigned cab includes new dashboard, integrated arm rest and optional air conditioning
8042 SkyTrak 42' Telehandler