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OSHA’s 2016 silica dust standard focuses on protecting workers from harmful silica dust. In order to comply with the new standard, industries handling silica dust must create a written exposure control plan and choose equipment to properly aid in collection and containment. With compliance dates as early as September 2017, it is now more important than ever to understand and comply with OSHA’s silica standard to protect workers.
Complying with OSHA's Silica Dust Rule in 2018
Dust Removal Systems
Here at Park's Rental our dust removal systems virtually eliminate dust and are designed to fit tools perfectly - and to help to increase productivity. We have many different Dust-Less system attachments for different construction tools.

The first professional-grade dust removal system for breakers. An extremely robust and durable Hilti TE DRS-B. Made from special pliable materials and featuring a unique, keyless quick-release mounting system, this dust removal attachment keeps dust during demolition work to a minimum. Dual-chamber dynamic air-flow system Our engineers describe it as a “unique, dual-chamber dynamic air-flow system”. Our customers simply call it “virtually dustless chiseling”

Hilti's DCH 300 dry electric hand-held diamond cutter and vacuum system is great for cutting concrete and other construction materials. Notice the tool's performance and the complete lack of dust emission. This is one cutter that will get the job done with no need for water. The DCH 300 has a 305 mm blade that will cut to a depth of 120 mm - twice as deep as conventional angle grinders. The product also includes blade rotation that guides the tool away from the operator’s body Suitable for a range of applications, Hilti's DCH 300 can cut reinforced concrete, slabs, curbstones, brick and masonry blocks. It can also be used for cutting and extending windows, doors and shaft openings, cutting metal beams, steel pipes and rebar, and making preliminary cuts for controlled demolition.

Hilti grinders deliver cleaner cuts and finishes in less time on a variety of work surfaces. When they’re used in conjunction with the right blades and dust removal accessories, they can keep your work environment cleaner.

The New OSHA Silica Dust regulations become finable in 2017. Dont get caught on the job without the right safety measures in place! Minimum permissable exposure level for respirable crystalline silica has been set to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air over an 8 hour shift, which is next to nothing.