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Dust extraction from grinding, cutting, slitting, drilling and dry coring tools.

Hilti Electric Cut Saw, with Dustless Attachments


Hilti Hand Grinder with Dustless attachments
 Complying with OSHA's Silica Dust rule in 2018
Universal weat and Dry Vacs, and Various Solutions, to work virtualy Dustless on your Construction Site.  Helps to protect yours and  others  health.   Automatic Filter cleaning and 150cfm - tank capacity 6 or 10 gallons

Hilti's DCH 300 dry electric hand-held diamond cutter and vacuum system is great for cutting concrete and other construction materials. Cuts to a depth of 4-3/4" using a 12" blade Same cutting depth as a 14" blade on gas cut saw.

Diamond grinder for floor and wall grinding, smoothing, leveling and roughening of concrete as well as the removal of paint, coating and adhesives. Virtually dust free grinding in concrete, natural stone and masonry when used with the correct attachments

Our Hilti vacuums make Dustless applications,and Clean up simple and save time.
Our Electric Cut saws make Dust Free tasks simple in-door and out

HOW TO set up the Dust Removal System on Hilti Grinders